13th February 2015

Swap Traditional Camping For A Campervan Holiday?

There are lots of people who take regular camping holidays. They pack their firelighters, drag their bags out to a picturesque location, and spend the best part of an hour wrestling with wayward tent poles – and then it starts to rain. By the morning, they have damp pillows, ants tucking into their leftover marshmallows, and tired eyes from wondering what on earth could be making that strange noise in the woods at 3am.

Whilst holidays spent exploring the great outdoors can be a wonderful experience, there is a reason why we call it the ‘great outdoors,’ and it’s because it’s supposed to stay out there. With campervan hire Scotland, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds – as much hiking and exploring as you can manage, and all the comforts of a home when you’re ready to rest and recharge for another big day.

This is why campervan holidays beat traditional camping hands down, and why you should make your next trip a campervan hire Scotland holiday with Roseisle.

Campervan Hire Scotland and the Little Things

The Little Things – with campervan hire Scotland, you get the chance to experience some of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations in Britain, whilst also taking advantage of top quality facilities, and handy features like Satnav, cruise control, a fitted kitchen, and even hotel style bedrooms. If you want to watch television, you can. If you want to have a shower, jump right in. With a campervan, you’re guaranteed a comfortable bed, shelter from the elements, lockable doors, and all of the amenities that you’re used to at home. You don’t get that in a tent.

No More Pitching with Campervan Hire Scotland

Whilst a week spent living off the fruits of the Scottish countryside might sound like a fulfilling experience, it can be a lot of hard work. If you’re camping, you can’t just arrive and start a holiday. You have to pitch the tents, fill the water tank, find the toilets, and work out how you’re going to find them again in the dark. With campervan hire Scotland, the countryside is your oyster, and you can get out and make the most of it immediately.

A Private Space – if your tent is in a communal area, there are lots of rules which need to be followed. Whilst most are fair enough – things like keeping the noise down, disposing of litter, and abstaining from open fires – it can be frustrating to be forbidden from playing the radio, toasting marshmallows, or enjoying a couple of beers in the great outdoors. With a campervan, your space is your own. As long as you treat the hired vehicle with respect, smoke outside, and keep pets at home, you are in control of your holiday. For families, campervan hire Scotland is a great option, because it comes with so much freedom.

Call or email us today because for luxury campervan hire Scotland, there is no better choice than Roseisle.

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