Motorhome Rental Scotland – Orkney

17th July 2015

After a leisurely drive up through the beautiful Scotland Highlands in our motorhome rental Scotland, it is finally time to board the ferry for Orkney. We always stock up with supplies and fuel before boarding the ferry at Gill’s Bay, as prices tend to be a bit higher on the island. The excitement builds during the hour long sea journey, as you pass tiny islands teeming with wildlife. Look for the WWII bunkers on some of the outlying areas. Landing in St Margaret’s Hope in your motorhome rental Scotland, take time out to visit the exquisite little art galleries and shops in this charming village.

Orkney is comprised of several islands, and the natives refer to the Orkney main isle as ‘the mainland.’ Scotland is almost not really part of Orkney as far as they are concerned! This ancient landscape and culture is more closely aligned with its Norwegian neighbours, as the island was colonised and ruled by Vikings.

As far as places to camp in your motorhome rental Scotland, the main towns of Stromness and Kirkwall boast lovely touring parks and campsites. However, we love to wild camp- there are miles of unpopulated scenery and it’s easy to find a spot. And speaking of the scenery, seeing Orkney in a motorhome rental Scotland is a unique treat. There are practically no trees to speak of, only acres of green grass and crops, fringed by sea and dramatic cliffs. The sea cliffs are a haze of sea pinks and wild thyme, while the expanses are carpeted in white ox-eye daisies. Imagine being immersed in a watercolour of blues, greens and pastels!

Orkney & Motorhome Rental Scotland

Orkney should definitely be on any history buff’s bucket list, and a motorhome rental Scotland is the perfect way to see it all. At Skara Brae and the Broch of Gurness you can see how these sophisticated people lived over 5,000 years ago. Stone houses and furniture are still intact, and look as if you could add some soft furnishings and move in today.

The Ring of Brodgar and Ness of Brodgar standing stones may not be as famous as Stonehenge, but are every bit as awe inspiring. Maeshowe and the Tomb of the Eagle give you the opportunity to actually get in an ancient chambered tomb. Maeshowe is very popular, so you will need to book in advance. And don’t miss the Italian Chapel in Lambholm, where WWII POWs constructed a stunning place of worship complete with murals and mosaics, made with whatever they could find.

Experiencing Orkney, in a motorhome rental Scotland is truly the best way to create lifelong holiday memories!

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