Happy Camper Hall Of Fame: Q&A With Adventure Enthusiast In A Roseisle Campervan

9th March 2020

Name: Isobel Gillman
Van Hired: VW Club Joker
The month you went on the trip: April / May / June

1) Why did you choose to holiday in a campervan?

I love the freedom being in a van gives me. I can dart around the country following the best weather, visit family and friends without having to put them to the trouble of providing me with a bed. When I choose to be alone there are so many places I can retreat to.

2) Why did you choose a campervan from Roseisle?

Hiring from Roseisle was a no brainer. When I first started researching what various companies offered in 2016, Roseisle was so much better than anyone else and also the most reasonably priced. The same applies today, four years later.

3) How was the Roseisle customer experience?

First rate from beginning to end. I was quite nervous about driving a van the first time I hired but they put me at my ease. I only wish I had taken advantage of some of the additional services they offer the first time I booked, such as hiring bedding.

4) What were the top features of your campervan?

Good quality sat nav, the fact that it was fully self contained, a reliable nearly new engine, excellent and more than adequate kitchen equipment and a spotless interior.

5) Where were the top three places you visited?

Glenbrittle in Skye, Cairngorm Mountain and Ben Eighe.

6) What would you tell someone who is considering booking a campervan with Roseisle?

Don’t hesitate, it will be a wonderful experience and you will be looked after as if you were their only customer.

7) What did you enjoy most about your experience?

The comfort of returning to a comfortable home after a long day in the hills.

8) Did the Roseisle staff help you plan your route?

No I didn’t need any help as I knew where I wanted to explore in Scotland. They did provide me with very good maps though.

9) How could we make your experience even better?

It’s possibly asking more than anyone should expect but I would like to see solar panels on the vans so I don’t have to rely on driving or electric hook ups to charge the leisure battery.

Isobel had the amazing oppourtunity to visit Orkney, meet a Shetland pony and discover the Italian Chapel, which you can read more about in our Undiscovered Orkney blog.

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