Happy Camper Hall Of Fame: Q&A With Guests From Alaska In A Roseisle Campervan

30th April 2020

Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire Scotland Alaska Road

Name: Deborah Wilson
Who you went with: Noeline Miller
Van Hired: Yosemite
The month you went on the trip: May, 2019

1) Why did you choose to holiday in a campervan?

We chose a campervan for the freedom it would provide us to explore. We don’t like schedules, canned tours, or being rushed. We like the freedom of being able to pick and choose when we come and go, and how long we stay. You never know when something interesting will come along and you stay longer just to take it all in.

2) Why did you choose a campervan from Roseisle?

We researched all of the companies in Scotland that provided campervan hire. We compared services, campervan models, customer reviews, and cost. In the end, we chose Roseisle.

3) How was the Roseisle customer experience?

Roseisle was the ONLY company that was easily available for pre-hire conversations. It was imperative for us to be able to speak with a person to answer questions and address any concerns prior to renting. Louise at Roseisle was wonderful and knowledgeable. Speaking with her convinced us that Roseisle would be there should we need them for anything – a very comforting feeling when so far from home (Alaska, USA). Our plan is to make at least three additional trips and we felt we had a “relationship” with Roseisle that would see us through. Like “coming home” if you will.

4) What were the top features of your campervan?

Clean, well maintained and supported.

5) Where were the top three places you visited?

We travelled the East Coast, the North Coast 500, the Isle of Skye, and as many places betwixt and between for which we had time. Our favourites… Scotland, north of Glasgow! There were far too many wonderful experiences and people to pick three.

6) What would you tell someone who is considering booking a campervan with Roseisle?

I think I would tell them that Roseisle provides the very best in vehicles (tailored to meet your specific needs), the very best in customer service, and, the opportunity to explore a beautiful country and people in confidence.

7) What did you enjoy most about your experience?

We enjoyed, more than anything, the freedom to see and truly experience Scotland and the people. Best 21 days ever!

8) Did the Roseisle staff help you plan your route?

Roseisle provided countless suggestions and recommendations on things to see, do, places to stay, where to eat, and shop and how to manage it all! Yes, indeed! Armed with reliable and personal information, we travelled with ease and confidence.

9) How could we make your experience even better?

I truly cannot think of a thing.


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