Happy Camper Hall Of Fame: Q&A With Adventure Enthusiast from Düsseldorf in a Roseisle Campervan

15th June 2020

Roseisle Scotland Luxury Campervans

My Name is Alfons, I am 56 and live in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I have a company which buys, sells and repairs classic Volkswagen Beetles, as well as a web-shop selling spare parts. My hobbies include travelling, cooking and flying light aircraft.

When I visited Scotland in May 2019 I chose to travel the country by myself in a Roseisle campervan for 10 days. I hope to repeat the experience in Autumn 2020 (if the Coronavirus pandemic allows it!)

Why did you choose a campervan from Roseisle?

I chose Roseisle because I wanted to ensure I had an enjoyable holiday in a new campervan with no problems and very good service. The airport pickup was an extra bonus, as was the lovely team who explained the campervan to me.

I Googled reviews about other companies and many of them told stories of horrible customer experiences. I chose to pay a little bit more and enjoy a really good holiday. Roseisle didn’t disappoint!

Roseisle Scotland Luxury Campervans

How was the Roseisle customer experience?

The Roseisle team is very keen to ensure that their customers have an excellent experience from start to finish. They also made me feel very welcome during the campervan pick-up at the office.

What were your top features of the campervan?

The first campervan I hired from Roseisle had good heating and was diesel powered, which was very good and comfortable for me. The shower was hot and I had enough water for one week. The campervan was not too big on Scotland’s small roads and easy to drive.

Where were the top three places you visited?

During my first visit it was Islay, Ben Nevis and Mallaig. The top places I visited on my second trip were the Outer Hebrides, Kirkwall and Scrabster.

Roseisle Scotland Luxury Campervans

What would you tell someone who is considering booking a campervan with Roseisle?

Do it, book it. You will not be disappointed. Pay a little bit more and you will be satisfied. Holidays are an important time in your year. Don’t risk it. Make sure that you come back relaxed, with good impressions and fond memories. It makes no sense to save a little bit of money and go on a bad holiday.

Roseisle Scotland Luxury Campervans

What did you enjoy most about your experience?

To be free. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning in a forest, on the beach or by the rough, stormy coast. I never use camping sites. I love to be self-sufficient.

Did the Roseisle staff help you plan your route?

They asked me about my plans, but I made a good plans in advance. They gave me information with a very good and professional road map. Thanks again for that service!

Roseisle Scotland Luxury Campervans

How could we make your experience even better?

I don’t know. I didn’t miss anything on the road. On one trip I ran out of LPG and had one day without heating (but I had used the heating the whole day – possibly too much!) Nevertheless Roseisle kindly refunded me one day of my trip from the bill. I am very happy with Roseisle and recommend them to everybody who asks me about campervan rental in Scotland.


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