Happy Camper Hall Of Fame: Mother & Daughter From Canada Adventure in a Roseisle Campervan

7th July 2020

Roseisle Luxury Campervans Yukon Canada
Emerald Lake, Yukon, Canada

Name: Terry and Charlotte Costley (mother and daughter).

Roseisle Van Hired: We rented two years in a row. Adria was the first and then the Westfalia Columbus.

When did you rent with Roseisle? We rented in April/May both times. 2017 and 2018. Circumstances have prevented us from renting since then.

1) Why did you choose to holiday in a campervan?

My daughter lives in the Yukon Territory in Canada and I live in Ontario Canada. We both love the open road, as it were, and the campervan offered us this opportunity. The UK is still home to me and we have both spent lots of time in Scotland and love it. A campervan also offers convenience and facilities with the least environmental impact.

2) Why did you choose a campervan from Roseisle?

I do/did the research and found Roseisle to be the most helpful and friendly firm to deal with.

3) How was the Roseisle customer experience?

Customer service has no equal. It was excellent from start to finish. With the Adria, we had a query about the greywater, called the office number, got a reply at once and our problem was solved.

4) What were the top features of your campervan?

The layout for us was perfect. Two single beds that were very comfortable with a space down the centre.

The instructions on board, easy to follow. Luggage storage is really good. The cassette septic container uses biodegradable sachets making it easy and simple to empty.

The fly screens are excellent refusing entry to even the smallest of Scotland’s midges. The privacy screens all round afford complete privacy. The front seats that swivel make the space comfy for both eating at the table and lounging.

5) Where were the top three places you visited?

We started by stocking up at The House of Bruar in Pitlochry for all vittles. Thoroughly recommended. Oban and the Western Isles and The Standing Stones in Callanish on the Isle of Lewis are amazing. The wild Pentland Firth on our way back to Edinburgh. So much to see and enjoy.

6) What would you tell someone who is considering booking a campervan with Roseisle?

I would tell someone who is considering renting a campervan to look no further. Roseisle Staff are knowledgeable, supportive and keen to make your experience unequalled.

7) Did the Roseisle staff help you plan your route?

We planned our skeleton trip and adjusted it as we travelled along.

8) What did you enjoy most about your experience?

Probably the most enjoyable part of campervanning is being together in our own space.

We have always enjoyed camping and the ‘Great Outdoors’ and have rented out here in Canada. We have transversed the country and spent much time on both coasts.

We still hope that one day we could have something near Roseisle this side of the pond!! We look forward to being able to rent again when possible.

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