Happy Camper Hall of Fame: Three Trips in a Roseisle Campervan

25th August 2020

Roseisle campervan ono tour

Name: Clair Luxton
Who did you travel with? Family (three adults)
Vans hired: Deluxe 4 and Deluxe 6
Months you travelled? September 2017, June 2018, June 2019

1) Why did you choose to holiday in a campervan? 

We enjoy holidays where you can get out and see lots of different things but because of my mum’s disabilities we can’t always walk to places, so we need to drive. We had previously booked holiday cottages, which were lovely, but there was a lot of driving involved each day to get to places and then back to the cottage. A campervan seemed a good solution for being able to go to different places and not have to do so much driving each day (or at least not a return trip!) It worked so well that we have hired again twice. 

2) Why did you choose a campervan from Roseisle?

The initial reason was that the vans were automatic-drive, which is what my licence covers. When we then realised how luxurious they also were then it was an easy decision. We were also keen to explore more of Scotland.

3) How was the customer experience from Roseisle?

It has always been fantastic. From my initial enquiry to handling any questions, to sorting out a problem, to the preparation of the vans and, of course, the fantastic chats with Louise.

4) What were your top features of the campervan?

Beyond the automatic engine we have chosen (and enjoyed) vans with two singles/king-size bed at the rear, a shower, and a large storage area at the rear as we have brought a wheelchair with us.

5) Where were your top three places that you visited?

Views from a Roseisle campervan

Altandhu (West Coast, north of Ullapool) – twisty single lane road to it but incredible scenery and beautiful sunset.

Inverewe Gardens with beautiful plants because of the gulf stream and the campsite down the road overlooking Loch Ewe.

Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland, actually the whole of Northern Ireland.

If we’re allowed a fourth – Grampian Transport Museum – great for a rainy day and they bizarrely have an incredible music organ!

6) What would you tell someone who is considering booking a campervan with Roseisle?

Do it because the vans are fantastic, well-equipped, comfortable, and they afford you lots of freedom to explore and see so many beautiful places.

If you are like us and wanting to use campsites, then book ahead because during the summer months they get fully booked unless you get there early (which we never do!).

7) What did you enjoy most about your experience?

The ability to have a cup of tea and sit cosy in the van at any time but particularly when it was raining! Even more so, the incredible landscapes of Scotland and Ireland.

8) Did the Roseisle staff help you plan your route?

No, but when we wanted to go over to Northern Ireland. They were helpful in making sure that was possible.

9) How could we make your experience even better?

I can’t think of anything because when I’ve looked at other providers they are all charging extra for things that are included at Roseisle!

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