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Automatic Campervan Hire: The Essential Guide 2020

Posted on: December 17, 2014

Automatic Campervan Hire in Scotland: What You Need to Know

Hiring an automatic campervan can be a reassuring choice for many of our guests, especially if they aren’t yet used to driving on Scotland’s roads. 

However others who are used to manual transmission might be a little more hesitant about driving an automatic campervan for the first time. 

We’re here to show you that whether you’re used to driving a manual or automatic transmission, on Scotland’s roads or overseas, our automatic campervan hire can make your Scotland road trip as stress-free as possible. 

Automatic & Semi-Automatic Motorhome Hire

If you aren’t 100% comfortable driving a solely automatic vehicle, our semi-automatic campervans also offer manual transmission as an option – making them a flexible choice for campervan hire in Scotland. 

Whether you choose an automatic or semi-automatic motorhome hire, we can show you how to use the automatic gear shift – which offers reverse, drive, neutral and sport suspension. 

Transmission Suited for Scotland’s Terrain

Scotland’s roads vary from lengthy motorways to rural single-tracks. Fortunately both automatic and semi-automatic campervans are built to deal with Scotland’s changing terrain. 

For long journeys on straight roads, driving an automatic motorhome is ideal. On hilly terrain, you might opt to drive in manual (if you are used to it and feel confident on Scotland’s roads) as the gear shift will give you greater control. However even in automatic transmission, our campervans are well-equipped to deal with Scotland’s mountainous landscape. 

All of our campervans are fitted with hill assist (giving the van more power from the back when going up-hill) as well as hill descent (making coming downhill safer, even in slippery conditions). If the roads are icy, all of our campervans also benefit from traction control. 

Worried about stalling? Don’t be. In an automatic, stalling is pretty much impossible as the campervans have no clutch. For manual drivers, each of our motorhomes are equipped with manual handbrakes on the driver’s side door to make hill starts and safe stops even easier. 

Consider The Size of The Vehicle

Our campervans are so comfortable to drive that sometimes our guests forget just how large the vehicle they’re driving is, so please try to keep this in mind. 

Under the sun visor of each driver’s side seat you will find the dimensions of the van – a helpful reference point, especially when driving across narrow bridges on rural roads. 

Reversing our campervans is made easier by wide wing mirrors and an on-board reversing camera, which allow you to see to the rear of the vehicle. 

When parking, consider asking a passenger to safely exit the vehicle and stand at the rear of the van on the driver’s side so that you can see them in the wing mirror as they guide you backwards. 


Why Choose Automatic Campervan Hire? 

Giving You Less To Worry About

With scenic landscapes and vast open spaces, driving in Scotland is a wonderful experience. However there’s a lot to think about! 

If you’re new to Scotland’s narrow roads, navigating roundabouts, driving on the left or handling a large vehicle, we believe choosing an automatic campervan to be the safer option. With an automatic campervan hire, the vehicle changes gears for you – giving you one less thing to worry about. 

A More Pleasant Driving Experience

Even if you’re used to driving a manual vehicle, driving an automatic motorhome is a really enjoyable driving experience. All of our campervans have sat nav, capable of speaking in a wide variety of languages, and cruise control to make driving long distances even more comfortable.

Please note that cruise control is not the same as a self-driving, autonomous or auto-pilot vehicle, which remain illegal in the UK. (If you use any driver assistance systems (including cruise control) you must not rely on them and you are still responsible for the vehicle).

If you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge of driving in Scotland, we love this helpful video from Visit Scotland. 

Booking an Automatic Campervan Hire in Scotland

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