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Buying a Campervan: Your Questions Answered From Start to Finish

Posted on: December 30, 2019 Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire Scotland Showroom

Buying a campervan may seem like a daunting prospect – which model should you choose, what do you need to consider? However two of our customers recently recounted their experience of buying a nearly new Hymercar Yosemite from Roseisle to help prepare you for your own campervan buying journey.

Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire Scotland Showroom


How did you come across Roseisle?

“We had sold our Hobby Motorhome and weren’t planning to purchase anything else for at least a year or two. We were staying over at the Carberry Tower Hotel and on the way home, we spotted Roseisle’s impressive facilities and made a U-turn. The rest is history.

“We knew we wanted a van under 6 metres with twin single beds and Roseisle just happened to have a model that ticked all of our boxes. We dealt with David Robertson, David Brown, and also the Managing Director, Ranald Watt – all were very understanding of our requirements and knowledgeable of the latest technology.”

Why did you purchase from Roseisle?:

“The van we liked was a German model, at a reasonable price, with the benefit of a considerable saving from a brand new comparable model. Roseisle is the main Hymercar dealer for Scotland which provided us with comfort. Another factor was that they have a specialist service department and seem to be expanding with new and repeat customers.”

What were the highlights of your experience with Roseisle?

“We were delighted with the whole process from start to finish. We requested a few extras such as lithium batteries, solar panels, spare wheels and mudguards, all of which were installed in a positive and proactive manner. We really appreciate the evident work that has been invested in our Yosemite by the Roseisle team.

“Apart from this, the main highlight was the unplanned purchase, which was exciting and made even better by Roseisle’s seamless customer service. With our meeting generously peppered with a thorough debrief, splendid humour and excellent coffee, this is one event we’ll remember so well. The personal RoseIsle card and quality bubbly were a lovely finishing touch.”

What has been your experience of the campervan so far?

“It drove back home beautifully and in comfort, and was so easy to position and park in our driveway. Our friend (who gave us a lift there) was equally impressed by both Roseisle’s professionalism and the van itself: we just can’t fault anything with this great purchase.

“Obviously we’ll take time to become accustomed to everything, and no doubt may ask the odd question later as we find things out. Knowing that Roseisle has a continued customer-care philosophy is so valuable and comforting to know.”

Where will you head in the van next?

“We are slightly biased towards the West Coast of Scotland and are big fans of the Lake District, but with our new campervan we will be heading abroad to visit family also. Thank you Roseisle!”

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