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Posted on: March 2, 2015

With six different vehicles to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice when selecting the right campervan for hire at Roseisle in Edinburgh. Hiring is now acceptable as a fashionable, alternative way of utilizing and exploring many things. From tools to people, services to cars, almost anything can be hired.

campervan for hire

Roseisle Motorhome & Campervan Hire

Even clothing, such as graduation gowns, or that full highland dress needed for a Burns evening. It’s all easily accessible to hire without the need for permanent ownership. If you are visiting Scotland for the first time why not try a campervan for hire? If you want to try out a traditional Scottish outfit on the way, including the Skein Dhu, there are now many ways of doing this. From on line delivery to more bespoke needs, your tailoring desires can be catered for in well established outfitters in most towns. Clue, A rolling stone gathers no ………., brother.

Choosing the right campervan for hire

As a more lasting memento of your time in Scotland, a campervan for hire is an ideal solution when you have a short period of time to explore the countryside. It offers you the opportunity to try out our luxury vehicles without the trouble of owning, storing and maintaining. For our visitors from abroad, it is especially easy to arrive at our campus, try out your choice of campervan for hire and drive off into that elusive horizon.

Campervan for hire & mountain biking

Tourism is a major contributor to the Scottish economy, bringing between 4 to 10 billion pounds into the nations purse. Unsurprisingly the face of tourism is morphing into diverse areas. Mountain Biking in Scotland is a growing facet of interest with a diverse group of individuals who want to spend healthy weekends cycling through fantastic countryside. But you don’t want to spend all week getting their. This is where a campervan for hire is an intelligent solution and comes into its own. Just put the cycle gear on our customized carriers and the mountain is your oyster.

Scotland has been rated a Global Superstar by the international IMBA, as one of the top countries in the world.  Whilst we can’t all be at the same skill level of Mr. Macaskills – seriously scary ride along the Cuillin Range. Youtube;dannymacaskillTheRidge. There are hundreds of routes that range from family friendly journeys, light pre ambles to more taxing rides.  With our luxury campervan for hire, patiently waiting your return in the car park, you will be glad to change the saddle for a more comfortable chair.  Check out where to ride at dmbins.com for a great selection. With a comfortable bed, shower and heating you will be more than ready to face the next adventure in your campervan for hire.

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