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campervan rental in scotland – Tips

Posted on: May 13, 2015

campervan rental in scotlandTo really get out and enjoy all the wild beauty that Scotland has to offer, you will want to take your campervan rental in Scotland off the beaten path. And oftentimes, especially in the Highlands and Islands, that means driving on single track roads. But don’t let this thought put you off, it’s easier than you think to negotiate even the most far flung landscapes in a campervan rental in Scotland!

Campervan rental in Scotland – some tips

Here are a few tips for taking your campervan rental in Scotland on single track roads. First, take it easy and allow extra time for your journey. You don’t want to be rushing for a ferry on a single track in your campervan rental Scotland, so take your time and plan ahead. Second, when you meet another vehicle, pull over to the nearest passing place on your left, being sure to indicate in plenty of time. The etiquette generally calls for the driver nearest a passing place to pull in so the other can go through, even if that means reversing for a short distance. If you can, give the person driving uphill priority. And don’t forget to acknowledge someone who has let you pass-country folks appreciate a friendly wave! Third, allow overtaking. As you will be driving slowly in your campervan rental in Scotland, when someone comes up behind you, pull into the nearest passing place and let them go around. Don’t make the locals wait behind you, or cause them to tailgate you, making you nervous. And finally, watch out for the natives! You may well encounter sheep, cattle or even deer or the odd otter in the middle of the road- in this case, stop, turn off your engine and wait until they get out of the way.

It takes patience and a bit of getting used to, but exploring some of the most stunning wilderness in the world in a campervan rental in Scotland is so worth it, and not as difficult as you may think.


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