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Campervan Hire in Scotland

Posted on: September 16, 2014

Campervan Hire

A campervan experience through the eyes of a Hawaiian family

Our family of four travelled from our home in Hawaii to spend the last two weeks of July wandering the Highlands and Islands of Scotland this summer, 2014.

From our first contact with Emanuel of Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire, to our final day, we received wonderful, attentive support. Not being accustomed to driving such a long vehicle, I actually dented and scraped the side fairly badly the very first day, trying to enter a tight entry with low concrete walls on either side. Because an important hatch cover was scraped off and would need to be at least temporarily reattached before we could continue on our planned journey, we were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to make our ferry reservation out of Oban the next afternoon.

But after phoning Emanuel and letting him know what had happened, he assured us it would be possible to get a quick repair through an associate of his, and resume our trip. It was a bit tight but we were able to get the temporary fix and still make our ferry. Thanks to that eventful first day, I knew exactly what I had to do when manoeuvring the campervan the rest of the trip – the “school of hard knocks” is sometimes the most effective way of learning important lessons!

The Globecar is an amazingly well thought out campervan for hire, with all the comforts you would want, and some you wouldn’t expect. We had reserved camper sites throughout most of our planned route through the Highlands and Islands. But in fact, the Globecar is so well designed, that we ended up wild camping most of the time. This was in large part possible due to how well the vehicle is set up. You can easily monitor the battery charge, levels in the water storage and septic tanks, etc. The large capacity batteries recharge while driving. The refrigerator can be run off the propane gas, except when driving, when batteries can do the job. There are two large propane canisters on board. And most surprisingly, these are quite efficient vehicles to operate, which one would never suspect given their overall size and weight.

I was a little concerned about how the four of us (two parents with two children aged 13 and 8) would find travelling, eating and sleeping in a campervan, through the Highlands and Islands, over a two week period. But thanks to the well laid out Globecar and all of its built in amenities – we truly enjoyed our trip, from start to finish! Just make sure to get coverage for renting and operating a camper van, because most insurance policies do not include that. And remember – these are long vehicles!

Big Mahalos and Aloha to Emanuel and the wonderful staff of Roseisle Luxury Campervan Hire!

– David, Marianne, Innes and Iona – Maui, Hawaii


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