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Hire a motorhome in Scotland – few tips!

Posted on: June 8, 2015
Hire a motorhome in Scotland

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A walk on the wild side

Some people prefer the convenience of a touring park or camping pitch when they hire a motorhome in Scotland. But for those who really want to get out in nature, and don’t like neighbours, wild camping gives you true freedom and a chance to get away from it all- literally. And a motorhome hire makes it possible to camp in luxury and style without resorting to a cold, leaky tent. We will look at the pros and cons of wild camping versus park camping, starting with a walk on the wild side in Scotland!

Get away from the city and hire a motorhome in Scotland

Scotland abounds with beautiful remote natural landscapes- lochs, beaches, river sides, hill tops offer a postcard perfect location, with fishing, wildlife watching and hiking right at your doorstep. Get away from the city, hire a motorhome in Scotland, and see the night sky as it’s meant to be seen. Imagine yourself relaxing under a canopy of stars and the Milky Way is crystal clear- and if you get up north far enough, even the Northern lights may put on a show. In Scotland there are plenty of options open- and the further north you go, the more remote it is and the more wild camping is available. If you like your nature without crowds, hire a motorhome in Scotland, take a walk on the wild side. Some places may have a sign prohibiting overnight camping or parking, but there is usually just as nice a spot up the road that is acceptable.

Hire a motorhome in Scotland – few tips!

There are a few unwritten rules of wild camping that we always follow when we are out and about and hire a motorhome in Scotland.

First, don’t camp in site of someone’s house (this may sound restricting, but wait until you get to remote places such as the Highlands- you’ll see there are not many houses!)

Second, don’t damage or move anything. Most land is owned privately so don’t gather firewood or make a big fire ring by collecting rocks. When you hire a motorhome in Scotland,  please make sure you buy firewood from a camping supply shop before you set out or along the way- there are supply stores for this and all those other things you need, like sunscreen and midge spray.

Third, don’t set up as if at home and stay as unobtrusive as possible- feel free to use deck chairs and awnings, but put them away when not in use.

Fourth, don’t leave litter outside, ever, even when you are there- an animal can get into it, spread it around and possibly choke on its contents. Keep all trash inside the vehicle, and take it with you when you leave.

Fifth, dispose of sewer waste responsibly, never in a body of water or on the ground.

Sixth, use resources such as water and electricity sparingly to make them last.

Just a few don’ts, but so many more dos- do have the time of your life with the freedom you have when you hire a motorhome in Scotland. Camping wild doesn’t have to mean camping rough- it’s all done with comfort and modern amenities- the best of both worlds!

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