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Historic Sights to See in Scotland

Holiday in Scotland written by: moraa9 Scotland is a country filled with the perfect combination of natural beauty and wonderful traditions. Many people end up spending a holiday of a week or two in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, enjoying some of the most amazing natural beauty in all of Great Britain.

For those who are looking to enjoy a holiday in the countryside, one of the best ways to enjoy the area is by renting a Holiday Home in Scotland. A holiday home is going to be able to provide you with all of the needed conveniences such as meals and lodging, but rather than a hotel, it will give you a truly authentic feel.

Many holiday homes in Scotland were actually built in the 1800s as familial homes of some of the most powerful clans in the country. Thus, as you can imagine, these homes are truly authentic and beautiful, filled with much of the history of Scotland. These homes allow you to enjoy both housekeeping and catering as well. A week in a holiday home in Scotland would truly be a holiday to remember forever.

While on holiday in Scotland, many people look for some truly Scottish activities to take part in, and some people even organize holiday trips to Scotland specifically to take in a shooting trip, a truly authentic Scottish experience. Commonly, when on a Shooting Holiday in Scotland, sportsmen and women will look for the opportunity for shooting local game such as pheasant, grouse and wild duck. For a special treat, deer stalking can also be arranged for a party as well.

A shooting holiday in Scotland is popular especially among men for a stag do or a lad’s holiday. However, as most Scottish holiday homes are built upon many hundreds of acres, there are plenty of chances for those who are on holiday to take part in a shoot one or two of their days out in the country. And, the same can be done with fishing as well, as there are a number of fantastic fresh water rivers and streams for catching fresh fish.

Another popular activity that many take part of while on holiday in Scotland is whiskey tasting. Scotland is home to some of the world’s best Scotch whiskey distilleries, many of which are over a hundred years old. Quite often, a number of these whiskey distilleries offer tastings during the week for guests. This is a fun activity that allows both to end up learning a bit about whiskey and also enjoy a sampling of different types and brews.

These are just a few of the activities that can be done while on a holiday break in Scotland. Many more different activities such as horse back riding and golfing also away upon a visit as well. With all of the natural beauty and outdoor activities available, it is no wonder why so many people end up flocking to the Scottish Highlands each year to experience a few weeks of holiday away from the rush and hectic pace of life.

Old towns and green hills are among the most important features of the Scotland, such as the Blackford Hills are situated in the south of the city. The hills are definitely not in black; it offers the perfect panoramic view of the Edinburgh city. Other beautiful hills such as the Pentland Hills can also be seen in the south, from the top of the hill.

The city also features a very beautiful airport that is the Edinburgh Airport; it is among the biggest airports in Scotland. The airport handles about 9 million passengers each year and serves all major airlines that fly to the United Kingdom. Although the airport offer buses that travels through out the city but the passengers prefer their personal transport and hence they car hire Glasgow Airport to reach it. Tourists also love to car hire Glasgow Airport in order to move around the city. The Edinburgh Airport offers all the services that include fine dinning, shopping attractions, money exchangers and a great customer care.

The Edinburgh is divided into old and new town. The old town features the Royal Mile Street that showcases the old culture and tradition of Scotland and it was once the most populous area of the city. The street is widely visited by tourists and it allows them to discover the amazing culture of Edinburgh city.

The city also offers tourists with many shows of performing arts. Edinburgh Castle is among the many places where performing shows are arranged. It is an old castle that dates back to hundred of years. The building of the castle also features statue of renowned personalities such as the Robert the Bruce, who was a famous king in 1300s and he fought the war for independence against the Kingdom of England. The castle has appeared in many of the historical paintings and it has remained the part of ancient wars.

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Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023



Roseisle Luxury Campervans

My wife and daughter aged 5 and myself just spent one week driving through Scotland. The Landscape, the Scottish People and this particular travelling mode are a great combination. Apart from the last night in Edinburgh we camped "wild", which is very unproblematic in this country. The car was extremely comfortable, starting with the 2x2 m bed, toilet, shower (!!), heating, etc.. The Roseisle-Crew is efficient, professional and very likeable, with a personal way of dealing with the customer. I can recommend this firm without any Reservation. A Kammermeier.


Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023