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Campervan Hire Chapelhall

Treasures that are concealed are ’sed by discover Scotland, see our imperial castles, historic towns andlovely isles. Travel at your own pace by hiring a motorhome from Roseisle Luxurious Campervans and stop inbeautiful environment. Our servicesinclude:

  • 5 stars campervan hire Chapelhall, Scotland
  • The vehicles we offer for hire are all under 18 months old, kept to the highest standard and most come with the automatic transmission
  • our campervans and motorhomes are fully equipped – Whats Included

campervan hire Chapelhall

Based in Edinburgh – Campervan Hire Chapelhall

We are conveniently found on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Nevertheless, to ensure that your trip goes smoothly and is anxiety free, we offer:

  • Transports to and from Glasgow and Edinburgh airports
    Hotels and railway stations.
  • Competitive Hire Rates for our campervan hire Lanarkshire

We’ll go the additional mile as we want to ensure your experience of a motorhome hire in Chapelhall|As we want to ensure your experience of a motorhome {hire in Chapelhall, we’ll go the additional mile|As we desire to ensure your experience of a motorhome hire in Chapelhall we’ll go the extra mile is an unforgettable one, one that you will wish to duplicate or share with others.

A campervan gives you the liberty to go where you want, when you want. It may transform your leisure time, turning every weekend into a every vacation and a holiday into an experience.

motorhome hire Chapelhall

Trip Ideas


You most likely think of fortresses when you think of Scotland. In the world, Scotland is bursting with romance, mystery and legend. Each castle tells a story woven of fact and myth, for example King Robert Bruce and the terrible Mary Queen of Scots, from important families to well-known historical figures. Some are brooding ruins, others are unexpectedly restored, as long and storied past is ’sed by museums observing Scotland, and some stand.

The best means to research Scotland’s fortresses is with a campervan rental in Edinburgh, you will fly in and be met by Roseisle’s friendly staff, that will get you set up in your luxurious campervan, your cozy home from home where.


Whisky connoisseurs and also the whisky curious make the pilgrimage.

Whisky can only be called Scotch if it is distilled and matured in Scotland. That made in other countries may be whisky (or whiskey) but it’s not Scotch!


Scotland is famous for many things, being the house of golf not least among them. An epic golfing holiday in Bonnie Alba is the pinnacle of any fantastic golfer’s career, combining a few of the top links in the game with some of the very most attractive landscapes on the planet. Our custom self drive motorhome hire holidays reach on many of the highlights, using excellent whisky, magnificent scenery, energetic local culture and, needless to say, the best courses.


Scotland is a romantic landscape of mountains and lochs, where stunning summits reflect in the shimmering waters under- a number of the very beautiful areas in Britain. Discover this splendour and you’ll get the very best out of your vacation, as the very best view in the home and nothing stands between you. Our seven day tour hits the high points, the most popular scenic spots in Scotland, while our 14 day tour allows to get a more relaxed tempo and some sites that are extra. On our Lochs and Mountains itineraries, customised for our campervan rental clients, you’ll experience the ‘lows’ as well as the ‘highs’ – and it’s guaranteed to take your breath away!


Hopping the Hebrides Islands of Scotland in a motorhome lease

Outer Hebridean isles and the distant Inner beckon those looking for the best tranquil holiday. Each island is a stone that weaves a spell over visitors with history that is deep, abundant wildlife and ethereal landscapes. Isn’t it time to escape the hustle and bustle to the far border of Europe, where Gaelic culture flourishes along with the phantoms of Vikings drift the heathered hills?


The Proclaimers famously sang about walking 500 miles, and now you can take the ultimate 500-mile journey!

Isn’t it time to fall upon the North Coast 500? Called “Scotland’s Route 66” and “one of the best coastal excursions in the whole world ,” the North Coast 500 is made for exploring in a campervan hire.

So all you have to do is arrive in Edinburgh, and the favorable campervan pros at Roseisle will pick you up and get you prepared to hit the road in your high-end campervan rental. You’ll take in all the sights and experiences in self contained comfort, making the most of your epic Scotland North Coast 500 journey!

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