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Motorhome hire – from USA to Scotland

Posted on: February 27, 2015

motorhome hireMotorhome hire has traveled a long way since it came of the assembly line in Los Angeles in 1910. From converted models on T Ford chassis in the USA, Nomad house cars in 1923, right up to last years EleMMent Palazzo, a strange hybrid motorhome with expanding floors and pop up roof.  Designed by German industrial designer Mr Colan, it can be yours for a modest 2 million pounds.  Unless you are an oil rich sheik or an extra in a Mad Max movie, we would recommend you visit Roseisle Motorhome Hire Scotland to select from a contemporary fleet that won’t cause you or anyone else concern.

Motorhome Hire – a vroom with a view

Property, be it house, boat, plane or campervan has always offered that ‘space’ to reflect. Virginia Wolf wrote her seminal book  ‘ A Room of Ones Own’ in 1929, as a series of essays, highlighting that personal liberty was something that women from that era, were often denied.  Imagine her delight if she were alive now to realize that not only could she have her room, but she would also have the freedom to roam at least in Scotland, courtesy of the Land Reform Act of 2003.

Ms. Wolf would simply produce a cheque, pay for her motorhome hire and roar off into the distance with pad and privacy, all hers. How differently culture would be seen had Thorreau written Waldens Pond from the window of a motorhome hire or David Balfour, running damply around the highlands, in Robert Louis Stevensons novel, Kidnapped. Naps, refreshments, restful seats and freedom to explore are all yours with motorhome hire.

The Adria choice for Motorhome Hire

 We stock many different types of vehicles, all available for motorhome hire.

Each one  has specific characteristics just right for your specific needs. The Adria twin 640 is ideal for touring as its narrow base is great for skirting around the Scottish countryside. If you are a couple this might just be your perfect choice. If there are four people and sporting kit, then you may want to consider the Adria 670 Matrix. This will give everyone plenty of room in its well designed and ergonomic interior.  Just think you won’t be paying for hotel bills, corralled with the same people and stuck in one location.

With motorhome hire you can select the vehicle to suit your needs, specify your destinations and follow your own heart to what interests you, your friends and family. We want you to enjoy what Scotland has to offer, from coasts to culture, midges to munroes.

Come and try our 5* service at Roseisle Motorhome Hire Edinburgh.



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