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Campervan Hire Scotland’s Outdoor Access Code

Posted on: April 2, 2014

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Scotland has had a long-standing tradition of access to open country, however from February 2005, the Scottish Outdoor Access Code came into operation.
This Access Code outlines the rights and responsibilities you have in Scotland while travelling using our campervan hire or just exploring on foot. This legislation covers everything from walking through woodland areas to horse riding through a field, giving Scotland the best framework for access in Europe.

Campervan Hire Wild Camping

Everyone has the right to be on most land and water in Scotland. You do not need to be a UK resident in order to enjoy the benefits of the access code.
So during your campervan hire holiday in Scotland you have the choice of visiting a nearby caravan and motorhome site with paid facilities, or you can take the adventurous option and go wild camping! No bookings necessary you can park up your campervan in a sensible location and enjoy your night out under the stars.
Take it from us there is nothing like waking up in a secluded area with stunning views!

Campervan Hire Know the code before you go

  • Take personal responsibility for your own actions and act safely
  • Respect people’s privacy and peace of mind
  • Help land managers and others to work safely and effectively
  • Care for your environment and use our campervans bins for litter
  • Don’t disturb wildlife (be mindful of where you park the campervan)

Remember to enjoy all access benefits when you book your campervan hire with with us Roseisle campervan hire. With so much happening this year in Scotland what a great time to discover some of the delights Scotland has to offer see the most of Scotland’s countryside and who knows maybe the odd Ryder cup game as well.

With many different luxury campervans for hire Roseisle really do have something to suit everyone’s lifestyle and budget. Want to find our more about our luxury campervans or make a booking? Click here or call 0131 653 5023.


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