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Sporting Events In Scotland

If you are planning on traveling to Scotland for a holiday and are especially interested in sporting activities, then you can be sure your entire stay in this country will be something to write home about.

The country boasts all manner of sporting events; ranging from the indoor activities to outdoor events as well as the high-energy, adrenaline-stimulating extreme sporting events that cater to the needs of every traveler. But since you cannot possibly have the time to make it to all these events, we have sampled a list of the most exciting ones so you can select based on what interest you the most. The following is our collection of the most riveting sporting events in Scotland.

Horse Racing

Horse racing events in Scotland are always something to look up to. This is primarily because the country boasts some of the most historic thoroughbred horse races such as the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and Ayr. This means a typical horse racing event in this country is not just a sporting but also a historical event where you could learn a thing or two about the most successful horses and riders in the history of the sport. Why not come and witness the high-energy sprints from the world’s best bred horses? And what’s more – you can heighten the stakes by placing a bet on your favorite horse.

Motorsport Events

If you love the sound of a purring engine and are a great believer in the good old adage,’speed thrills’’, then you may want to check out some of the most popular motorsport events in Scotland. As you may know, Scotland is the 5th most successful country in the world known for producing Formula One World Championships. The motorsport events are classified into either the two or the four-wheel categories and are held at different times of the year according to the calendars released by the governing body – the Scottish Motor Sports.

Golfing Events

If you want to have a taste of some of the most challenging golf courses or dine with some of the world’s most successful golfers, then Scotland is the place to be. The country has more than 550 golf courses in the professional category alone and tournaments such as the Ricoh Women’s British Open and the Open Championship are just some of the biggest crowd pullers.

Rugby Events

Just in case you think you have seen enough of soccer fanaticism in England, wait till you cross over to Scotland and experience the true spirit of fanaticism; only that in this case, rugby rules the hearts of the Scots more than football does. There are two professional rugby union teams namely the Glasgow Warriors and the Edinburgh Rugby and each season, you can expect them to battle it out in the Guinness PRO12 tournament where each one of them is pitted against 10 other Irish sides. Apart from that, these two teams also try to battle it out with European Rugby Challenge Cup and European Rugby Champions Cup where the stakes are raised against 22 other professional teams from Wales, Italy, England and France.

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Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023



Roseisle Luxury Campervans

My wife and daughter aged 5 and myself just spent one week driving through Scotland. The Landscape, the Scottish People and this particular travelling mode are a great combination. Apart from the last night in Edinburgh we camped "wild", which is very unproblematic in this country. The car was extremely comfortable, starting with the 2x2 m bed, toilet, shower (!!), heating, etc.. The Roseisle-Crew is efficient, professional and very likeable, with a personal way of dealing with the customer. I can recommend this firm without any Reservation. A Kammermeier.


Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023