Scottish Wildlife

You should expect to encounter animals on Scotland’s roads. Deer can be especially dangerous and are known to jump in front of vehicles, causing extensive damage.

Sheep are common on rural roads and will generally disperse if you approach slowly. Some parts of Scotland have warning signs for squirrels or frogs on the road. Follow these recommendations for your safety:

  • If you see animal warning road signs (i.e. deer), lower your speed and stay vigilant, especially in wooded and rural areas.
  • If you see glowing eyes on or by the roadside, exercise the same caution as if you had seen a warning road sign.
  • Keep your headlights on full beam when you can, but dip them if you see deer, to reduce the risk of them ‘freezing in the headlights.’
  • Stay calm and prepare yourself to stop suddenly if you see deer on the road. Avoid suddenly swerving as it could be hazardous to you and other road users. 

In the event of a collision with a deer (involving your vehicle or another):

  • stop your vehicle in as safe a place as possible 
  • turn on your hazard lights
  • if you have to stop on a motorway or dual carriageway, try to pull to the side of the road or hard shoulder, exit the vehicle and make your way as far up the verge as possible until help arrives
  • call the police on 999 to report the accident
  • call Roseisle 24/7 support for roadside assistance

It is worth noting that many rural areas in Scotland have no mobile phone signal, so check your provider’s coverage before you travel.