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Top 10 Best Hotels in Scotland

Scotland is among one of the most visited countries in the world and is known for its rich history. Being a part of UK it has enjoyed a privileged status for centuries. Due to a large influx of tourists as well as being a highly developed country, Scotland is home to a number of renowned hotels which date back to centuries and are known for their excellent services and spell bounding architecture.

Here we would be listing the top ten hotels in Scotland – as rated by the experts keeping in view the reviews and overall recommendations. When listing the hotels, would be also focusing on their price.

So below, we are listing the top ten hotels in Scotland according to our survey:

1. Rock House, Edinburgh

Rock House is considered to be a quintessential Scottish hotel because of its beautiful 18th-century architecture. It is situated on the Calton Hill and has a beautiful courtyard garden on its front. Rock House is consistently reviewed among one of best hotels in Scotland and is known for its great locality and scenery. It is also known for providing excellent accommodations at decent prices.

2. Hotel Indigo, Glasgow

Hotel Indigo is situated at the heart of Glasgow and it offers one of best accommodations. They have very neat hotel rooms and the staff is highly professional. Hotel Indigo is among one the most recommended hotels in Glasgow by people and is very positively reviewed by people who have stayed in it.

3. Fraser Suites, Glasgow

Fraser Suites is another hotel from Glasgow which is a much-respected name in accommodations business. Fraser Suites is known for its great facilities and locality. It offers a very good value for money and is the best choice for people who come to Glasgow to explore the city.

4. Hotel Indigo, Glasgow

We have listed Hotel Indigo because of it offers some of the best premium rooms and its executive rooms are best in the city. The hotel offers neat and clean rooms with exceptional service. The staff is said to be very welcoming and offers great meals.

Being in the center of Glasgow, Hotel Indigo is the best choice for people who have long stayed and are interested in exploring the city.

5. Mayfield Hotel, Edinburgh

Mayfield is known for its grandeur and beautiful architecture of the Victorian era. It is considered to be among one the premium hotels in Edinburgh and is commonly used for stays of political diplomats and statesmen. Its service and facilities are considered to be at par with well-furnished rooms.

6. Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel

Known for its excellent location Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor Hotel is highly rated by the experts to be a great option when choosing a hotel in Glasgow. It indoors gives a very modern impression and is known for great services and rooms.

7. Edinburgh Castle View, Edinburgh

Another choice for a great hotel is Castle View which is situated in Edinburgh. It is considered to be the best choice long stays and offers great restaurants. It is decorated in a typical country house style where an influence of Victorian architecture is quite strong. Its services and facilities are also highly reviewed by people.

8. The Chester Residence, Edinburgh

A well-known hotel in Edinburgh, Chester Residence is known for its style and highly furnished rooms. The rooms are spotless and clean due to which is highly regarded to be among best five-star hotels. Rooms offer a wide range of facilities with friendly and accommodating services.

9. Blythswood Square Hotel, Glasgow

Blythswood Square Hotel resides in Glasgow and neighbors various restaurants and bars thus making it a great choice. The hotel offers a great fitness center, giant 1000 foot spa and massive swimming pools. Its staff has been reviewed as very professional and accommodating. It also offers a great value for the money with decent rates.

10. The Balmoral, a Rocco Forte Hotel, Edinburgh

The Balmoral, a Rocco Forte Hotel is situated in central Edinburgh, due to which it is very nearby to main tourist attractions of Edinburgh city. The building of the hotel has a historic value famously known as the large clock tower. It has a variety of restaurants which offer great Scottish cuisine. Along with that, it offers impressive accommodations with stylish rooms.

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Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023



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My wife and daughter aged 5 and myself just spent one week driving through Scotland. The Landscape, the Scottish People and this particular travelling mode are a great combination. Apart from the last night in Edinburgh we camped "wild", which is very unproblematic in this country. The car was extremely comfortable, starting with the 2x2 m bed, toilet, shower (!!), heating, etc.. The Roseisle-Crew is efficient, professional and very likeable, with a personal way of dealing with the customer. I can recommend this firm without any Reservation. A Kammermeier.


Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023