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Top 10 Things to Do in Scotland

Top 1o Things To Do in Scotland. written by: blanbest Scotland, famously known for its finely distilled whisky and its invention of the bagpipes, kits and tartans. This amazing and unique country offering over 700 islands, mountains and glacial glens is not short of things to do. In this article are the top 10 things to do in Scotland.

1. Visit the Edinburgh Castle

The castle has dominated the Scotland skyline for over 800 years and is a national icon. This castle is the countries most popular tourist destination and its clear why, this is famous for taking different roles in its history varying from prison, royal palace, parliament and barrack.
The castle is an ideal destination for families with the castle being rich with Scottish history. The castle is famously known having been built over an extinct volcano.

2. Watch the Northern Lights

Nature puts up a great show in Scotland with a natural light display in the earths sky. This phenomenon is visible in almost every part of Scotland depending on the clouds but the isles of Shetland are the best places to watch from.
The dazzling colors displays in the sky are beautiful and charming adapting the name “Merry Dancers” in Shetland and Orkney.

3. Take the North Coast 500

“Scotland’s answer to Route 66” this route is Scotland’s longest route making up over 500 miles. The route starts in the northern city of Inverness meandering around along the west coast and then northwards touching on different cities and ending back in Inverness.
There’s nothing like the open road and freedom on the road enjoying the great sights and Scotland’s North Coast 500 delivers that.

4. See Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British isles, the affectionately named “The Ben” is situated near the town of Fort William. Most visiting the mountain are walkers but a few take up the challenge of climbing it.
The mountain has three peaks that are the main attractions and the highest peaks in the UK.

5. Shetland: Fire Festival

The most famous fire festival takes place in the last week of January, the festival is marked by setting a viking ship on fire to mark the end of winter. The festival is held annually in the Shetland islands.
There are other fire festivals all throughout winter as people march the streets holding up 16-pounds of fire.

6. Visit Glencoe

This Scotland’s most famous and scenic gen, it is a holiday center for mountaineering climbing and hill walking. It is a romantic glen with a volcanic origin and part of the designated National Scenic Area of Ben Nevis.
The destination is famous during the winter for climbing with most of the routes being accessible from the main road.

7. Visit Isle of Skye

The island is known for its landscapes, medieval castles, fishing villages and picturesque. The island of Skye is rich in history covering Dinosaur fossils, warfare and highland clearances.
The island is also rich in wildlife making it a great destination to watch whales, dolphins, seals, Otters and for birdwatchers the white tailed sea eagle.

8. Go Whisky and Gin tasting

With Scotland having five whisky producing regions one can visit the whisky distilleries and tasting the different whiskies on offer.
The Islay island has eight distilleries and is a perfect destination as it blends whisky tasting with incredible scenes.
Gin is also booming in Scotland and with growing distilleries coming up, gin lovers can enjoy the different tastes.

9. Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh festival is actually several festivals that take place in the summer. The festivals bring about a wave of color and exciting period. During this festivals is the best time to visit capital.
The festivals bring an unmatched experience watching the finest creators and performers of the arts in three exhilarating weeks.

10. Visit the Scottish Parliamen

The Scottish parliament is sited on a former brewery and was formerly opened by the Queen in 2004. Guided tours can be taken through the Debating Chambers, Committee room, Member of the Scottish Parliament’s Office and the Garden lobby.

With Scottish politics being particularly lively, one can get a close up look by getting a ticket for a parliamentary session in the Debating Chambers.

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Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023