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Travel Tips When Visiting Edinburgh

Ultimate Guide to Packing and Travel Tips When Visiting Edinburgh

Edinburgh city has many free activities, literary rich history, and amazing buildings. It is the best destination for weekend gateways, parties and pub crawl. The city has many viewpoints in form of castles, monuments, sky bars, and towers. Steeped in history, set on a hill, and covered in dark stone structures, Edinburg, Scotland is a popular stop for United Kingdom visitors. Come and see why it has much more than kilts, haggis, bagpipes, and scotch. It is a city of pure beauty. It has plenty free museums, historic sites, myriad outdoor activities, and inexpensive restaurants. Below is a travel and packing guide to help you plan an affordable visit.

Travel Expenses Tips

Take Advantage of Budget Carriers

It is less likely to find deals on flights directly into Edinburgh. Therefore, fly into hubs, such as London, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam, and fly a budget carrier or take a train the rest of the way. Some budget carriers that fly into Edinburgh are EasyJet, Vueling, and Ryanair.

Enjoy Free Activities

To save money, take advantage of available free to visit attractions. You can spend more money on fancier meals and luxurious accommodation based outside Edinburgh. In addition, you can save money for other personal uses. Sounds great, right?

Take Advantage of Day Trips

Edinburgh is best for exploring places, such as St. Andrews, Highlands, Aberdeen, and Glasgow. To skip your night’s accommodation, travel daytime instead of night trips because buses and trains run between places in Edinburgh for less than $20 every way.

Essential Things to Pack

No matter the season, be prepared for weather changes in Scotland. Summertime is not warm as other northern hemisphere parts. In addition, pack waterproof items for winter travel and rainy days.Below are items you should bring to Edinburgh.


During winter, carry a coat with plenty layers underneath, while in summer, pack a lightweight jacket. You will find it is easy to carry a jacket with plenty underneath layers, unlike carrying many jackets. Dresses can be worn without tights during summer.


During the rainy season, treat your leather boots with care to keep water out. You can also pack waterproof boots. Furthermore, make sure you can walk around as much as you want and they still give you comfort. Do not forget to pair your boots with wool made socks to keep your feet toasty.


Of course, some posts will inform you to carry waterproof rain jacket instead of an umbrella. It is, however, recommended you pack both items because it is better to be prepared either way. They are the ultimate travel accessories Scotland travelers must pack.

Things to Do

Hike Arthur’s Seat

The top of Arthur’s seat gives spectacular Edinburgh view. Of course, it can be a tough experience, because some hike parts are rather steep. Just bring a picnic and spend an afternoon exploring the seat, and you will definitely love the experience.

Explore the Royal Mile

In Edinburgh, Royal Mile is the most famous street because it starts from royal castle to royal palace. The road has numerous pubs, shops, and restaurants. In addition, it is filled up with historical monuments you can check out along the way.

Take Ghost Tour

Edinburgh has spooky history and ghosts stories. Many tours take you around graveyards and underground tunnels. Visitors get spooked, and easily creeped out. The tours will take you to old and interesting underground parts.

Things to See

Attend Festivals

During summer, festivals are everywhere in Edinburg, and every week comes along with a new festival. The most prominent ones are the Fringe festival and International Film Festival. They bring together entertainers and performers of all kinds to the beautiful city. During these events, accommodation prices are high, and to save money, book ahead of time.

Explore Edinburgh Castle

The best landmark in Scotland is Edinburgh Castle. Although you will pay some amount to enter, it is worth your money and time. You will see the spectacular Crown Jewels exhibit, and get sweeping Edinburgh views. Get on guided tours to get detailed information and context.

Visit Princes Street Gardens

Spend your day at Princes Street Gardens for a free outing. It has an immaculate park that gives an excellent Edinburg Castle view, and vendors sell ice cream all over. Christmas is the best time to visit Princes Street Gardens because it changes into German-style winter fair and has many toys.

Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023



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My wife and daughter aged 5 and myself just spent one week driving through Scotland. The Landscape, the Scottish People and this particular travelling mode are a great combination. Apart from the last night in Edinburgh we camped "wild", which is very unproblematic in this country. The car was extremely comfortable, starting with the 2x2 m bed, toilet, shower (!!), heating, etc.. The Roseisle-Crew is efficient, professional and very likeable, with a personal way of dealing with the customer. I can recommend this firm without any Reservation. A Kammermeier.


Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023