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Travel Tips When Visiting Scotland

Scotland itself is a fascinating country. And many people are drawn to it every year. If you want to travel Scotland, there are a few things you need to be aware of. And I hope to provide you some insight into Scotland. Below are some travel tips when visiting Scotland

Pubs and Restaurants

When we went to Scotland, we hadn’t prepared much before the trip. We had the Lonely Planet with us, and that was pretty much it. On the flight to Scotland, I read about how it works in pubs and what you need to consider. It was pretty helpful so let me share this with you.

Whenever you visit a pub, don’t go to sit down at a table and wait for the waiter to come by. They won’t. In Scotland, you have to go to the bar and order. The waiters won’t come to you. This can also sometimes happen in smaller restaurants so be aware of it.

I know this might sound like a standard statement, but I got to say that we had a lot of fun in pubs. First of all the Scottish people are very open, and it’s easy to talk to them. Secondly, if you visit a country, then you should also get to know part of their culture.

Renting Cars and Buses

If you want to rent cars in Scotland, you need to be over 21. There is no way around it. We tried to rent a car in Scotland, but they wouldn’t rent us one because we were only 20. Also note that if you can rent a car, you then have to pay some extra fees if you are only a little bit over 21. These rates can be pretty high, with Hertz it was 16 pounds per day that you would have to pay extra. I hope this helps you avoid some common mistakes people make when visiting Scotland.

If you want to drive through Scotlandusing a bus, then be sure to have everything planned out and also to book all the bus tickets earlier. The reason is pretty simple. We once tried to get from Edinburgh to Glasgow using the bus. We went to the bus station and got our tickets. Then we lined up to get into the bus, and the guy in front of us turned to us and asked how much we paid. We told him that we paid around 6-7 pounds and he started smiling. He then showed us his ticket and the price on it: It was one pound. Book buses two days earlier and you will save lots of money. The problem for us was that we never knew where we were going to go.

Be Open

One of the best things about travelling is that you get to meet a lot of great people. That’s why you need to be open to new people, new opportunities. We flew to Scotland without having everything planned out. And it was great. We met some nice people because we were open to new experiences – to new people. That’s what travelling is all about.


The weather in Scotland is strange, at least for people not living in Scotland. It is pretty much unpredictable, and you never know when it’s going to rain or when the sun is going to shine. Because the weather is so unpredictable and changes so quickly you need to be prepared for everything. Always carry around some extra rain clothes even if the sun is shining at the moment.

We once went to visit a nearby coral beach. The weather was nice, and it didn’t look like it was going to rain at all. We arrived at the place, and the weather was still nice. But on our way back to the car it started raining. So be prepared.

A few days before we had to leave we went to one of the oldest pubs in Scotland; it was called the Moulin Inn and was near Pitlochry. We had the best time there talking to some other people. It was great. Scotland is a great country, and you could miss out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t have the right kind of information. We have a website solely dedicated to tips for travelling Scotland.

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Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023



Roseisle Luxury Campervans

My wife and daughter aged 5 and myself just spent one week driving through Scotland. The Landscape, the Scottish People and this particular travelling mode are a great combination. Apart from the last night in Edinburgh we camped "wild", which is very unproblematic in this country. The car was extremely comfortable, starting with the 2x2 m bed, toilet, shower (!!), heating, etc.. The Roseisle-Crew is efficient, professional and very likeable, with a personal way of dealing with the customer. I can recommend this firm without any Reservation. A Kammermeier.


Discover Scotland's hidden treasures. Book a campervan now. Call +44 (0)131 653 5023