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Vanderlust- A Highlands and Islands Adventure in a Campervan Hire: Day 3

Posted on: May 18, 2018 campervan hire scotland

campervan hire scotlandIt’s been a bucket list-ticking kind of day on our Highlands and Islands Adventure in a campervan from Roseisle and we are only halfway through!

After landing in Uig, we rolled off the ferry in our Hymer Yosemite, and down the road to Luskentyre Beach. It was dark by the time we pulled in to a wild camping spot right before the beach itself, behind the sand dunes. Lucky for us, there were three campers maximum allowed here, and we were the third. There was an honesty box and a small charge for the space and toilets for those who need them. However, we were self contained, which was such a comfort on our campervan hire trip.

Campervan hire in a Hymercar Yosemite

The washroom was one of the highlights of this Hymer Yosemite campervan for me- after all, even when camping you are sure to appreciate the medicine cabinet, mirrors, nooks for toiletries, the handy pull-down basin, powerful sink/shower nozzle and easy to operate loo. When you close the door, the whole thing is totally separate from the living quarters and surprisingly roomy. A hot shower in the comfort of your campervan hire after a long day of hiking and sightseeing- heaven!

This morning we awoke, made steaming mugs of coffee in our campervan rental kitchen, headed over the gorgeous dunes and machair and came out on one of the most spectacular beaches we have ever seen- glorious Luskentyre, or Losgaintir in Gaelic. No people, no buildings, no vehicles in sight- just the soothing sound of the ocean and nothing but stunning views.

Lewis & Haris in a Campervan Hire

Eager to explore the archaeological wonders of Lewis, we hit the road for Harris. The two are actually on landmass but considered two islands, and the roads here are among the best maintained in Scotland, so it was smooth driving through spectacular scenery in our luxury campervan hire. We were tempted to stop at the Isle of Harris Distillery, which we passed, but it was a bit early for a nip! We just stopped for lunch at a friendly community run café and are ready for our next bucket list adventure- Callanish Stone Circle and Dun Carloway


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